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One placement creates one plant to save the planet
-total reforestation: 73,713 Trees*

JAC Company CSR, forestation projectplan

It is our aim and hope that our candidate will grow in their profession at their new company just as how the new planted tree grows strong to make a forest.As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, JAC Recruitment companies are taking part in an ongoing re-forestation project, to work towards a greener earth.

The green project is discovered at one of the nature-rich state in Sarawak, Malaysia or famously nicknamed by local as “Land of the Hornbills”. The reforestation takes place in Appen, Serian a protected forest area which has suffered from one of the worst deforestation activity in the world. As part of the global initiative with Japan Malaysia Association (JMA) the project aim for protection of tropical rainforest and to save the ecosystem inhabited by the abundant of flora and fauna such as Nepenthes Muluensis (Periuk Kera) and Pongo Pygmaeus (Orang Utan). From the activity, locals also get the opportunity to learn new skills to protect tropical rainforest persistently.

Just as how the seed grows into a tree, we hope that each of the talent we placed can grow and help their companies to grow.
Our wish is to create an impactful awareness to global community in creating greener earth for all generations.

*Number as at April 2018.


Above photos are taken during our planting activity every year July.
We received warm hospitality from locals and special performance from the local children before planting the tree.
Please click photos to enlarge.

JAC Recruitment Group Reforestation Areas

Bali (Penelokan, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia)
Borneo (Appen protected forest area, Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia)

Sponsored Projects

NPO Asian Green Forest Network (Bali)
Japan Malaysia Association (Sarawak)

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