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How to impress your interviewer

Posted over 2 years ago by JAC Recruitment Malaysia

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After learning how to write a good CV, the next step of your job search process is to prepare for the interview stage. According to an article by Robert Walters, multiple studies have concluded that hiring managers will know within the first 90 seconds whether or not they will hire someone. This statistic further emphasises the need of not only preparing for the interview, but also being able to create a favourable first impression. 

At JAC Recruitment, our work heavily revolves around experienced hiring managers, and often times, they convey and communicate to us what they seek from a candidate, which allows us to perfectly understand what captures their eye and draws their attention. After accumulating all of these information, we have compiled a checklist of a list of things to take note of that will come in handy before you head into an interview

1) Prepare to illustrate your skill-set in a short and precise way 

Or in other words, preparing your "elevator pitch". According to Indeed, a personal elevator pitch is a quick 30 second to 1 minute introduction of yourself, which either acts as a great icebreaker to the beginning of your conversation with the interviewer, or a framework which helps you tackle questions asking about a self-description. Moreover, the elevator pitch allows you to illustrate and summarise your skill-sets in a precise manner, which all contributes to making a favourable impression. 

2) Understanding the company's background and position

After preparing your elevator pitch, the next step is to conduct research on the company's background and the role that you are applying for. In today's market, learning more about the company and your interested role is commonplace. However, to stand out from the competition, there are 7 things according to Glassdoor that is a must have: 

  • The skills and experience the company values
  • Key players of the organisation
  • News and recent events about the employer
  • The company's culture, mission, and values
  • Clients, products, and services
  • Any additional information that reviewers have left on topics like culture
  • The interviewer

3) Update your professional experience on social media sites

In the digital age, many hiring managers will also likewise want to know a little more about the candidates that they are interviewing. Therefore it is imperative for you to make sure that your work experiences are updated, especially on LinkedIn. Depending on the industry that you are applying for, some times updates on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram can prove to be very useful especially if is for content or creative works like photography. 

Besides these 3 main points, there a ton of other tips that you can take note of during the interview and we have made a short little video detailing all that you need to know. The first 3 points have already been covered in this article, so please stay on throughout the video to learn more about what else we have in store. 




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