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How to answer to get your dream job

Posted almost 3 years ago by JAC Recruitment Malaysia

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Everyone has their own version and definition of what constitutes a dream job, and like with any other job search process, it involves a lot of preparation. In the previous articles, we have discussed tips on how to write a good CV and how you can impress your interviewer. However, when it comes to your dream job, the stakes are higher. Therefore, it will be beneficial to learn how you should answer certain questions to differentiate yourself to land the job that you have always wanted.  

  • Introducing yourself 

Giving an introduction of yourself in every interview is a natural given. However, many people often mess up this first step by either providing too little or too much information. This can easily distract the interviewer from understanding your strengths or not getting a holistic view of previous experiences and the value you have. Therefore, your introduction should include your "elevator pitch" and also be able to summarise your resume, all within 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can read HubSpot's article here on how to formulate your own! 

By doing so, it'll leave the interviewer with a clear understanding of what your work experiences are like, while creating a strong impression of being someone who has thought things through and is well organised. Moreover, to go the extra mile, you can be creative by relating the job to something that is not mentioned in the resume; combining both meticulousness and creativity simultanesouly!

  •  What are your achievements? 

To stand out from the competition, often times hiring managers evaluate you on the achievements that you had obtained in your past working experiences. However, to really leave a lasting impact, it is advisable to tie in your past achievements and emphasise how they will benefit your new firm. By explaining your future goals, past experience and current values as a trinity, it will definitely enhance your chances of setting yourself apart from the compeition! 

  • What do you like and dislike the most about your current position? 

While this is one of the most common questions in any interview, many candidates often fall short on this step. According to Business Insider, the best response is to focus on the tasks or responsibilities that you found not to your satisfaction rather than company politics or people. This creates a more favourable impression with your interviewer and also highlights your ability to discern matters of importance. 

To get the rest of the remaining tips, please view the following video below! 




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