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How to prepare for an online interview

Posted about 1 year ago by JAC Recruitment Malaysia

Online Interview

Online interview is getting more and more popular to us. That may sound very comfortable and “safe”: you’re at home – your safety zone to make an interview with a machine – not a strict interviewer.

But don’t be fooled by the way it seems. An online interview is as serious as a normal interview, or maybe even harder.

I have made many online interviews with the candidates, and to tell the truth, I always pay more attention than usual.

Then how can we survive an online interview and have expected results? Let’s follow our suggestions:

Your necessary documents in hand

Always prepare your documents such as your CV, what you’ve learned about the company, a list of your questions. It is very important to have all of these documents around to remind you, just in case you’re too nervous to answer any question. I don’t want you to feel regret after the interview for a wrong answer or a forgotten question.

Appropriate surroundings

It should be clean, tidy, quiet and private. If it is day time, please don’t sit near the door or windows with full of sunlight, it is very annoying for the interviewer to see you through the screen. It is best to choose a place with a blank background such as a wall. If you have to do the interview in your bedroom, make sure everything is cleaned up and arranged tidily. Your room can tell much more about your personality, so be cautious!

If you have pets, or at a crowded place, try to stay away from those noises as much as possible. The interviewer and you don’t want to be distracted by the dog barking or someone going back and forth at your background.

Elegant outfit

In some cases, it is not necessary to wear a whole business suit to do an online interview. But it doesn’t mean you can wear a tank top or a T-shirt! Shirts or chemise is the best choice. Don’t wear white, it may make the interviewer lose his focus.

Your hair should be tidied up, appropriate makeup to make you look brighter and more attractive. The camera and screen may make you look more pale than usual.

Use headphone and microphone

If you don’t have them, buy them! Invest a little bit to your interview and the results will be better than you expected. Especially if you make an online interview with a foreigner. Headphones will allow you to hear more clearly, you don’t have to ask the interviewer many times to repeat his questions. And the microphone is to keep your voice sound calm and easy to listen to. You don’t want to speak loudly or move your face too close to the screen every time you talk to the interviewer using the built-in micro of the laptop.

Keep eye contact

This is very important. Try to keep eye contact as much as you can. You should look at the camera or the webcam whenever you talk to the interviewer, not the screen.

Beware of your gestures

When you are at your safety zone to make an online interview, you tend to be more comfortable and may show some of your bad behaviors, such as picking your nose, scratch your head, smell your hair, shake your legs… those actions will make you lose some points.

You should sit straight with your hands on the table. That looks confident, comfortable and professional.

Now I believe you have enough tips to get through the hardest online interview.

Let’s check out our job posts and see if you’ll need to practice any of the above tips for your next online interview!

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