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Work from home (WFH): Best tips to start efficiently

Posted about 1 year ago by JAC Recruitment Malaysia


Working from home (WFH) may seem to be a very new concept for us – Malaysians. Most of Malaysians are working in the offices, and in our thoughts, only freelancers are working from home, or from coffee shops, or even in a mall. 

But now, the term WFH is getting more and more familiar with all of us, especially during the time where we should stay at home to keep us healthy. A lot of institutions and companies are letting the employees WFH.  

Some may find WFH interesting and comfortable. Some may find it distracting and ineffective.  

Do you need some tips to keep you on track and get through the period? We are in this together

Careful plan ahead: 

In the morning, let’s make a to-do-list to make priorities and arrange your tasks properly. Working with this schedule in an organized manner and commit to it to increase productivity. 

I am sure that you will feel very cool to scratch the tasks one by one. 

Always online with Video chat features: 

You may sometimes fall to be easy with yourself. How about keep on track and stay focused by video chat group with your team? Talking with your team members, discuss with them about your to-do-list or your issues, maybe at the start of the day, to settle your tasks together. 

And appearing on video will make yourself feel more like at the office, thus, your working spirit is much higher. 

Identify your distractions: 

What do you think might be your biggest distraction? List them up and find a way to avoid them. For example, if it is social networks, sign them out to stay focused on your job.  

You can play soft music in the background to concentrate. 

Mens sana in corpore sano: 

Always drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration. You don’t want fatigue, headache, or muscle cramps. You can have more fun drinking by adding some slices of your favorite fruit to your water. 

After every 30 minutes, stand up, walk around, do some stretches. Don’t make WFH mean more sitting, or lying down. Moving after every 30 minutes will reduce the bad impacts on your health.  


WFH does not only mean Working From Home, but it also means Working From Heart. 

Good luck with your WFH! 

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