Lim Rui Lin


Rui Lin graduated with a Masters Degree in Education (TESOL) in 2017. 

She worked as a consultant in another Japanese boutique recruitment agency where she discovered her passion for this profession.  Having acquired the necessary skills and experience, she decided to join JAC Recruitment Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur HQ) in August 2020 to widen her perspectives and grow her exposure.   

Rui Lin supports her clients (FMCG, retail, advertising, food manufacturing) in the recruitment of a wide spectrum of positions, ranging from Executive to General Manager for different functions (e.g. Sales, Trade Marketing, Operation, Purchasing, Sales Coordinator etc.).  

Her colleagues consider her a rising star notwithstanding that she is still in her early stage of her career as a recruiter, and are confident that she will be an expert in this field in no time.  This speaks a lot of her capability and work rate.   

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