Julie Tham

Principal Consultant

Julie is an experienced Recruitment Consultant who possesses more than 20 years of recruitment experience specialising in Information Technology (IT) for all sectors. Information Technology has always been part of her interest and believes she has become proficient in IT jargons or terminologies. 

She joined JAC Recruitment Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur HQ), early of 2021.  As a partner of her clients in their businesses, Julie acquires and builds the right talents, supporting her client’s strategic and organizational development roadmap toward enhancing business efficiency and productivity.  

She understands today’s business, economic and workforce environment challenges, thus, her ability to work in close partnership with her clients to meet their talent resourcing requirements has kept her as a professional in talent resourcing. 

Julie believes that perseverance in challenges and the right attitude will give you a better outcome. 

Julie Tham