Scam Notice by JAC Recruitment Malaysia

Important Information

JAC Recruitment Malaysia has been made aware of unauthorised individuals falsely using the JAC Recruitment name in their phone communications and Facebook page to recruit candidates and solicit up-front fees from interested jobseekers.

JAC Recruitment wishes to stress that we have not authorised such paid recruitment services. JAC Recruitment does not charge fees to job seekers for its placement services. JAC Recruitment appeals to the public and job seekers not to respond to these false recruitment services soliciting up-front fees and charges.

Protect yourself from fraudulent recruitment activity

In order to protect yourself from this fraudulent activity, please be vigilant and be aware of the following precautions:

  • Register only through our official website

We request that you only register as candidates on our secure JAC Recruitment Malaysia official website:

  • Communication Tools

Email communication from JAC Recruitment sent by JAC Recruitment consultants uses the e-mail domain Should you receive an email from a different domain claiming to be from a consultant at JAC Recruitment, do not reply.

  • Protect your Personal/Financial information 

Be wary of any communication requesting money transfers or the provision of personal/financial information. JAC Recruitment does not charge fees to job seekers for its placement services. 

Should you encounter any of the aforementioned activities taking place, please treat the communication as fraudulent and immediately call +60 (0) 3 2202 1000 to report it or email us at