Job title: JAVA ENGINEER [PT2512-14] II
Contract type: Permanent
Location: Malaysia
Industry: Information Technology
Salary: 4000.00 - 7200.00
Start date: 27 Jan 2021
Job Reference: 44570
Contact details: Paul Tiong
Contact email:
Contact-phone: +60 3 2202 1000
Job published: 2 months ago


  • Responsible for independent module development tasks and system interface development;
  • Independently completed coding, unit testing and related documents according to the development specification and process.
  • Solve the problems existing in the system and ensure the stable operation of the system;


  • More than 3 years of development experience;
    Proficient in Java virtual machine tuning and familiar with the memory management principle of Java virtual machine
    grasp the current mainstream Java framework (Spring, Spring MVC, a Spring cloud, dubbo, zookeeper, Mybatis, Struts, Hibernate, etc.) the basic principle of.
  • Familiar with and equipped with two database systems such as oracle, mysql, sybase and db2, and have certain experience in SQL optimization;
  • Proficient in using Tomcat, WebLogic and other web application servers, and familiar with the server configuration principle; Familiar with the management and operation of an operating system (Linux).
  • Proficient in HTML, Css, Jquery,bootstrap and other web development technologies; familiar with Json, Xml and other data protocols; familiar with relevant caching technologies such as redis and memcache;
  • Experience in Internet finance is preferred.